Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I Will Break the Mountain Into Molehill Chunks

Writing About and Reading About Writing

I find writing about writing is fun. I also find reading about writing is fun. Unfortunately these two pastimes may only be fun for me because, when participating in these activities, I can further procrastinate the hard work of actually writing a story.

Writing the individual sentences, paragraphs, and pages of a story isn't so bad, maybe even fun. I find it becomes hard work as I focus on the mountain of individual tasks I dread but will need to get through before I will have a finished product.

I like maps. Maybe if I carve my mountain of tasks into molehill-sized chunks and draw a map of it I will be able to chop away at my mountain until I've transformed all those little molehill chunks into completed tasks.

Let me at that fantasy-land map generator!

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