Friday, February 3, 2017

Feeling a Little Crabby Today?

 Nothing like waking up to the sound of a catfight! Makes me feel just a little crabby.

Speaking of little crabs, why is it when some eight-legged creatures crawl across my hand I get a bit freaked out but I actually encouraged these little eight-legged crabs to crawl all over me?The one on the left crawled up and down my arms across my shoulders and all over my hands. If a spider had done the same I would have had the jitters for a half hour.

The worst I can imagine right now is a scorpion, and yet I walked out into the desert hoping I would see one. A local told me it would be a month before the creepy-crawlies started coming out of their hidey-holes. From my walking excursions into the desert I did get some great pictures of owls and pictures of a coyote way off in the distance who wouldn't stand still. The cacti posed for the camera much better than the coyote.

There's supposed to be a coyote in this picture.
Can you spot the critter?

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