Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Quote buried in my Facebook profile

Image result for my soul to keep melanie wellsDr. Dylan Foster is telling her story and makes this comment while describing her search through literature on snake lore, "Then there was all the mystical stuff. Once again, the dearth of comparative religion in my theology training nearly skunked me. Four years of sod-busting in seminary had taught me exactly nothing more than what I already knew--in grander proportions, of course, and to near-microscopic levels of minutia. In the end, I got out of there with a solid hermeneutical method, an encyclopedic understanding of dispensational theology, and the ability to conjugate verbs and deconstruct participles in Greek and Hebrew--all notable skills--but without even passable knowledge of anything outside one extremely narrow strip of theological territory."

"When it was all said and done, I'd spent four years and trainload of money to get indoctrinated, not educated. Lousy planning, if you ask me."

Dr. Dylan Foster on Page 156 - 157 of *My Soul to Keep* by Melanie Wells

It seems a pity this, my favorite quote, is buried in my Facebook profile. I'll publish it here to give it some visibility. 

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