Sunday, April 17, 2016

Our Journey to the Catholic Church in 250 words or less

I’m Larry from Minnesota.

My Catholic grandfather’s in-laws were Seventh Day Adventist. My father reacted to the Catholic-Adventist debate by never attending church.  

I grew up attending a Reformed Church with my Presbyterian mother.

In high school I dated Rita, a Methodist girl I met through a Bible Study. During college we were active in Campus Crusade for Christ, now CRU, as was My Catholic roommate.  After college I married Rita and we started our careers. We changed churches several times during the next decade Link to "Quick Summary of a Church Hopping Life". In 1991 close friends from high school, a Catholic couple, wrote asking if we would consider becoming Catholic. This helped us realize our most loyal friends were usually Catholic. The next time we got together I asked the usual questions about Catholicism. They gave good answers, lent us the Scott Hahn conversion story and I began to investigate.

I started attending Mass early 1991. Rita felt there were several things she would lose if she became Catholic so we met with Father in April about her concerns. We showed Father a prioritized list of our personal pros and cons. He had good answers for Rita’s fears.

For months we dug into Catholic books and tapes, especially Scott Hahn’s. Rita became convinced of the real presence, started attending Mass, and agreed we belonged in the Catholic Church.

We started RCIA fall of 1991 and entered the Roman Catholic Church Easter Vigil, April 19, 1992.

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