Monday, March 21, 2016

But Once You Get It Moving

I've sometimes been frustrated with how slowly the Church is taking to pick up the New Evangelization ball and run with it. As I've noted elsewhere ( Eleven Reasons Catholics Don't Evangelize ) there seems to be no sense of urgency.

However, just now, I remembered a principle Dad explained to me, maybe without even realizing he was explaining a principle. He thought he was just telling me about locomotives. He once worked at a steel mill and locomotives were used to transport people and materials. Apparently there were times they needed to move train cars without the assistance of a train engine. They would use wedges, levers and fulcrums. The movement would be imperceptible at first but slowly the car would start to move. Once the car got moving stopping it became the challenge.

I need to remember this principle. It may be the Church's New Evangelization seems to be getting rolling ever so slowly but once it gets really rolling, try to stop it!

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