Monday, March 21, 2016

Eleven Reasons Why Catholics Don't Evangelize

The Eleventh Reason Catholics Do Not Evangelize
11. *No Sense of Urgency* In the work-a-day world during a performance appraisal we hear, "You do not exhibit a sense of urgency." This comment is usually referring to some earth shattering, life or death thing like making sure there's enough toilet paper in the restrooms. In our heads we are thinking, "Why should I be urgent about something that isn't life or death or involving somebody's eternal destiny?" So to please the supervisor we might start racing around all day acting like emptying the pencil sharpener will forestall World War III.
But when it comes to leading lost people to Jesus, which probably does involve somebody's eternal destiny,.people in the Church move, using Sherry's phrase, at glacial speed.
When I was involved with Campus Crusade for Christ in college (now called CRU) the call to action was to reach the world for Christ in our generation. When I tried to light an evangelical fire under my potential Catholic evangelists I perceived an attitude of "Well, I'll just get married and have 10 kids and one or more of them will become a priest or a nun. That'll be my contribution toward bringing the world to Christ."
The current crisis of people leaving the church has been associated with words like hemorrhage and "mass exodus". But our fellow Catholics respond with "The Church has had crises before and the Church is still around. She will survive this one." No strategy, no alarm!
Even if the Church will "survive", what about all this indifference to the souls involved?

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