Sunday, November 29, 2015

Quick Summary of a Church Hopping Life

I will give a quick summary. I was baptized twice, the first time when I was about 6, in a rural Lutheran church. The next time, while I was in college, I got immersed in a tank at the front of a fundamentalist, independent Baptist church.

Up to college I spent most of my youth attending a rural Reformed Church in America (RCA) congregation, but I also attended a Methodist church, a Church of the Brethren, and even a 7th Day Adventist (just once).

In college I attended a Presbyterian church, an Evangelical Free Church, another Baptist in addition to the one where I was baptized the 2nd time, and I even went to Mass a couple times. Mostly I went where my friends went.

After college I got married. We attended a Covenant church, a Church of Christ, a Christian and Missionary Alliance church, another Baptist, another Lutheran (Missouri Synod this time) and finally we starting going to Mass and became Catholic. Even after joining the Catholic Church, I spent a few years working with a very small group to get a Christian Reformed Church plant off the ground. We did not succeed.

I spent a short time in 2010 and 2011 in graduate school at Purdue. I had been married for 31 years and I discovered I could not live 500 miles from my spouse, so I withdrew and came home two-thirds the way through the 2nd semester. I was studying the sociology of religion.

I am now attending Mass at least weekly and digging in as a practicing Catholic.

In 2012 I began utilizing my wide experience to visit churches of almost all denominations, inviting them to consider using a non-denominational Christian camp as a facility for retreats.

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